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Some of my projects...




​#CorporateImage  #Logo  #Identity


Different logos for different customers.

Every customer needs his own style and identity.

Several logos, several ways to express the true being of a company.

Project | 1


Project | Isogas

#Redesign   #CorporateIdentity   #ADV


Re-branding project for Isogas company. 

Redesign of the logo and the corporate identity.

Realization of Adv for a special campaign

"Isogas for culture".

Project | 2


Project | Solaromega

​#CorporateIdentity   #WebsiteLayout  #ADV


Solaromega is a company focused on

renewable energy and it is mainly divided in 4

parts. I created a graphic for each part,

different from the others but coherent with the

overall graphic style.

Here you can see the graphic layout for the

website, brochures and the logo redesigned

for advertising.

Project | 3


Project | Zwicky Personal Management

​#Comics  #Poster  #ADV #CH


Design of characters and of the enviroment of an ideal company in which Zwicky Personal Management can show all the services that offers to the customer.

Follows the realization of two Poster (folded in postcard size) They provide an overview of the consulting services (blue poster) and the workshops, seminars and Leadership Training (red poster) of Zwicky Personnel Management.

Project | 4


Project | Salus 

​#BusCover  #SocialADVGraphic


"Accept an advise that comes from the heart: prevent cardiac illness.

"The slogan wants the people to prevent cardiac illness with medical examinations.

Salus is an health-association that helps people preventing these kind of illnesses. The red bus running through the city is an excellent way to catch the attention of the people.

Project | 5


Project | Schoolinmypocket

​#GraphicForChildren  #Start-up  #CH


Schoolinmypocket is an Interactive exchange with an individual playful challenge: Listen, see und say the result. Children are in the center of this support.

It revolutionizes the way, how children will learn with tablet applications. It sees/listens to the arithmetic probelm and tells the result. This interactive exchange makes fun and is the most challenging way to learn.

Project | 6


Project | Vademecum - Nurse Manual

​#Manual  #SocialGraphic  #Illustration


Vademecum is a project born to help In-Home-Caregivers with old persons. It’s a guide written in 4 different languages: italian, english, romanian and russian. The book is divided in two parts: the first reports some good procedures to help the assisted senior. The second gives examples of everyday life situations to make the caregiver aware of the possible problems. I chose to draw faceless characters to give the readers the possibility to better identify themselves inside the situation.

Project | 7


Project | Shopping Center Infographic 

​#Infographic  #ManyContentsOnebild 


Shopping center Parco Commerciale Torre.

The infographic is a tool for people that want to open a store inside the mall. It gives information about the total area of the shopping center with details about: number and type of working stores, buildings that will be added in the future, position and extension of the parking areas, location and type of the non-shopping areas (food, non-food).

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>

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