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Ancilla Schmidhauser
The story makes the difference | Impact Consulting

Ancilla is storytelling-expert, communication and marketing consultant.

She loves to develop stories to get a message through and motivate people. 

But on top she loves people and this is what makes the difference in her job!

Valentina Celeste
Creative Photographer | Celeste Studio

Valentina is a young photographer.

She calls herself "teller of emotions" because she is able not only

to use the camera, but also her eyes, her brain and her heart.

In her photos you can see her passion and the magical beauty of her subjects!

Barbara Zanziger
BZanzinger | Communicaton & Consulting

Barbara is a communication expert, change manager and coach.

Her Intention is to empower organizations and people to make change happen

for the purpose of moving humanity, confidence and mutual success forward.

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